No camera & a tiny story, in any media but real peektures. Wanna Play?

Yes, yes, I think y’all might wanna play. Get out your pen or pencil, your crayons or markers, & draw a picture of your selfie with a bit of wordy times, on any paper surface. I’ll begin~

This is the time I had 2 platters & 4 dinner plates to clear from a picnic table that had bolted benches. Tripped spectacularly, saved the food & dishes, and landed on my face! I had a mean Black Eye for a week. Side note: A man of the WWII generation stopped me in the parking lot of a 7~11 two days later to offer to kick the shit out of the “Boy who did that to you.”

Then, this! A doodle of a great Women’s Dinner with my lady friends....boys there in spirit, in the margin :)