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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Selfish Frustration Post (Update)

I think my fellow social workers and case managers/case manager RNs will relate to this most but...IT totally screwed me over on Monday. They upgraded my Windows OS without notice, without checking whether a personal drive had been set up for me as it should have been (it wasn’t) and without backing up any of my files. And I lost ALL. MY. WORK. Months of documents, tracking of clinical hours, projects and guides I’d worked on, an entire group curriculum...all gone. I’ve moved past shock and am now squarely in anger/bargaining. What personal frustrations are people dealing with right now, aside from the obvious and horrible events of the past week/month/year/century?


Thanks for the suggestions, everyone. Just learned that I was given a new machine when the upgrade didn’t take on the old one, and I can’t even go and retrieve anything off the old machine because it’s been pulped. So there is literally nothing to be done.


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