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Ok, so I haven’t learnt to be an adult yet and my graduate overdraft limit will be going from £2,000 to £1,000 on the 1st of July, and they’ll slap a big fine and charge me a lot of interest on anything over. I am currently on -£1,300, bring home roughly £1,000 a month and for the past year I have tended to bounce around -£1,200 and -£1,5000. I know, irresponsible and I should have tried harder a lot earlier.

I would list the various reasons I’ve found it impossible to save money and get out of my overdraft, but it’s pointless because it’s too late now and it would bore you. My current solution is to sell my laptop. It’s a slightly battered Sony Vaio Duo 13. I got it for free nearly two years ago, so it’s still a relatively good one. Online used ones seem to be going for around £750, but as mine has a very slight scratch on the screen I imagine mine will go for a lot less. I’m hoping to get £500 for it, but would only sell for £400. Do you think this is reasonable? Also, what do you think my best method of selling is? I have never sold anything on Ebay/Amazon before, so I don’t have a good repuation for selling which I imagine can be a problem for high value items? Do you think I would be better off selling on a local facebook group? But then I imagine the price would have to be lower?


It’s really the only high value item I have that I could sell, so I’d be really grateful for any advice you guys have to make the most of it. Any other quick money ideas would also be well received - I’ve been looking for second jobs for ages but in this area it’s mostly bar and retail work, and I have no serving experience, and very little retail experience, so I haven’t been successful.

ETA: You guys are the best. You’ve calmed me down enough and discouraged me from selling my laptop, so I think instead I’m going to go through my wardrobe tonight and see what clothes I can sell, plus checkout some of these sites you’ve recommended for small-scale online tasks. Hopefully if I also slum it for the next couple of months I’ll be able to keep afloat.

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