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Selling vintage fur coats?

Please don't judge me. ;) I really don't support wearing fur and inherited them. They're beautiful coats though, and very old but perfectly maintained. My great-aunt passed away recently and left them to me because she knows I often dress in vintage styles. I really can't wear fur, though. It's not my style and even if it was, I'd feel too conflicted about wearing something created by an industry I don't support, even though the coats are older than I am.

Anyway, I've looked up some charities where you can donate them as soft things for baby rescue wildlife to sleep on, but I don't really feel right about doing that. I know my aunt is dead but she really took a lot of pride in these coats and I know she wants them to be worn. No one else in the family wants them, so I'm thinking about selling them but my Google skills are failing me. I don't really care what kind of money I get, I just want them to go to a nicer vintage store where they'll be taken care of properly. I worry they'll get damaged if I just drop them off at a thrift store because I've worked in the back of a thrift store before and I know how stuff gets treated in a lot of them. ;)

Anyway, suggestions? Thoughts? Ideas? Am I being crazy for not wanting to donate them for baby animals?


eta: I just want to add that I was pretty close to my great-aunt, since I know a lot of times "great aunt/uncle" implies a more distant relative. That's why I want to do something with them that I think she'd be okay with.

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