Hi guys!!! I’m at work finishing up my 12hr shift. A cool thing just happened! As y’all know I’m from CLE - I shout it from the rooftops enough that y’all probably roll your eyes hahaha! Anyway, with the RNC coming, my job has been largely responsible for providing vehicles to everyone from media companies and gov’t agencies (the ones you’d think. It’s been dope - I met some Daily Show producers yesterday!). Anyway, just now (you political junkies and news nerds will appreciate this) I met Michel Martin, the host of NPR’s weekend edition of All Things Considered! My nerd heart can’t take it! She was so nice, and she says “Are you Jiffy? The young lady inside said you knew all the good places to eat in this town!” Naturally, I’m over the moon because NPR is literally just about all I listen to!

Anyway, how are y’all tonight?