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Senate Hearing Discussion

Post to discuss today’s hearings.

I have to give it to the GOP. Evidently they have 2 men now volunteering that possibly THEY molested Dr Blasey Ford and she’s just confused.


People who’ve seen Kavanaugh today describe him as “incandescent” whatever that means.

ETA 7 pm: Thanks to all who watched and helped keep me sane today.

I’ll end with this tweet. And the statement that if Brett Kavanaugh is voted onto the court, we have a serious problem. This is not a man who will not make decisions without trying to extract revenge. He will not sit silently like Clarence Thomas and do nothing but vote with the team. This is a very angry, dangerous man.


Whoever is handling Dr Ford, and the other 2 women need to get them and any other witnesses they can find in front of the press now. Tonight. Over the weekend. And someone needs to go talk to Mark Judge and flip him.

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