All right guys, this is where the Republicans can gain a filibuster-proof majority in the Senate. I am going to be paying attention to this early and keep posting about it periodically. Because I want to share this (among other political posts) in my real life, but don’t want to bring some of those dickbags to GT, I have established an outside blog. Ranting on FB is making me slowly lose my mind and I want to be able to organize the things I say. So if you think any of my posts are something you’d want to share in real life but don’t want to doxx yourselves over here, share that.

We all have limited resources, but I think it’s important to have a nationwide effort to support Democratic senators across the country - no matter where you live and who you can vote for. Math is not on our side, but we can take advantage of the trend where the incumbent party loses seats in the first midterm, and the fact that who the fuck knows.

Information here comes from the Cook Political report, and below is what I wrote in the blog entry in the link:

Democrats will be defending 25 Senate seats.

  • 5 are expected to be competitive. These are FL, OH, ME, MO, and IN. Except for Maine (which split its electoral votes), these all went red this election.
  • An additional 7 are not necessarily safe.
  • All others are considered safe.

Republicans will be defending 8 Senate seats.

  • 2 are expected to be competitive. One is in a state that went red this year (AZ); the other is in a state that went blue (NV)
  • All others are considered safe.

So odds are, the best we are going to be able to do is pick up 2 seats. It’s imperative we defend the existing ones. While the numbers are not on our side, the bright side is that the incumbent party tends to lose seats in the first midterm after a Presidential campaign. It’s also important to remember that when you look at popular vote numbers from the Presidential election (even in many red states), they are closer than you probably realized. The electorate has changed in a way that is not staying in line with tradition; I think it’s important to remember all that math above assumes traditional patterns will hold. I think we could break it.


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