Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This is too much. Oh god that is funny. We all get what you mean Ted “I want, want to run in 2020 and need Trump to lose”. Even Ted Kennedy in 1980 endorsed Carter, Ronald Reagan in 1976 endorsed Ford. Cruz “vote your conscience”. Which means leave the presidency blank, we will block President Clinton on everything, then vote Republican (Cruz) in 2020.

Cruz does not understand this is not something one says aloud. Saying it aloud sounds greedy and opportunstic. He may just be primaried out in 2018 although I doubt if he runs. He is going for broke in 2020.


I am still laughing. It sank his own career and most likely ended Trumps. I suspect.many of the Cruz supporters will not vote for Trump. There goes a good percentage of republican voters.

It even made Godzilla laugh. He does not laugh easily.

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