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Welcome To The Bitchery

BUT where were you when:

1) Mitch McConnell and allies were determined in inauguration to make President Obama a one term president

2) When we saw the rise of the teabaggers and their blatant racism

3) Did you tell these teabaggers you do not want their vote?

4) When McConnell in an unprecedented step refused to put on the floor a vote for President Obama’s choice for SCOTUS?


5) When the VP nominee in 2008 pushed the idea that ignorance is good and being educated is elitist. An idea not spurned by your party but embraced by most republican voters.

6) When a presidential candidates started using dog whistles racists would pick up and cheer like “welfare queen” or “Willie Horton”?

7) When calling Mexicans rapists and murderers was said. Where were you?

You talk about how wrong the new normal is I agree but it did not start with Trump. It started years ago maybe decades ago. Yes decades when we allowed religion to dictate policy. When people went around making candidates sign pledges thus the candidate became beholden not to the people but the pledge. When fellow members of your Senate and House essentially forfeited their claim to declare war in a flimsy 2001 bill which turned the power to the President.


The coarsening is rapidly worsening and folks have to take a stand. Yet the stand should have happened decades ago. Trump is the result of racism, nativism and willful ignorance embraced by your party years ago.

So don’t stand up on Senate Floor bemoaning “new normals” like you just discovered it or Trump was the first forcing “new normals”.


Its nice you joined the party but you are not the first to discover this. Granted its nice a republican saying it but its nothing that Steve Schmidt, Nicole Wallace, Ana Navarro or even Senator Corker (another taking his time joining in) have been saying all along.IIt is a speech worth watching and playing in class.

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