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Senator Susan Collin's Letter to Washington Post she repudiates Trump

This is overall a good letter by her. I never disliked her. In many ways the republican party she represents is long gone. She is one of the last true New England republicans fiscal conservative social moderate. Although to me she should have become the fierce champion of this dying wing instead kept her head down. McCain picking Snowe or Collins could have resulted in a closer race and gave the nation a view of another way to be republican without the doctrinaire type.

Thaat said I have to say this letter is fairly good. I do expect all politicians to put nation over party.

I have a major problem. She stops the letter abruptly. She denounces Trump but gives no answer what she or others should do. Its like she never followed through.


On CNN a Trump supporter dismissed her denouncing Trump. Another guest responded that you can’t dismiss every republican who denounces Trump.


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