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Senator Warren finally speaks and a question

About Market Basket. Its something we all knew that the management is destroying the company. Just yesterday more vendors said they were overpaid and its close to a million dollars in overpayments. I would love to know which CEO is signing these checks, most companies with checks over 10K often has to be signed by a CEO or CFO. article

It seems like the owner of Hannafords (blah very overpriced) wants to buy MB and put Arthur T in charge. I noticed that the owner of Hannaford also owns a discount (?) grocery story called Bottom Dollar Foods. Anyone been there? One review I read said the meat is all frozen meat and not great quality but store is cheap, plus you have to pay 25 cents to use a cart (I think you get it back when you return the cart).


I am hoping the Hannafords owner will leave MB alone like they do Bottom Dollar Foods.

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