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Christmas (miracle? Nightmare? Not sure) update to this, this, and this.

First, a ProTip: "If a reporter calls your cell phone and you think it's a good idea to answer it while driving from one full parking lot to look for a space at another parking lot that is probably full, DON'T. It is at this time you will absolutely be pulled over and chastised by a beach city police officer in aviators and shorts."


So, I did speak to the reporter/producer from HuffPost Live yesterday. It went a lot better than expected. I think I surprised her with how much I already knew about her work and about how topic segments are put together in general (thank God for that film degree, I guess?). She was relatively cool, but I remain cautious, because duh, news producer.

The good news is that I'm going to have time to prepare and, at least in this stage of the game, she is very open to presenting my story as part of a panel that will talk about how important body acceptance (at any size) is, and I have a say in who I want to be on the panel with me.

I have already suggested Alexandra Lescaze, director of the fabulous documentary All Of Me, and also requested that they find a hospital affiliated gastric bypass surgeon to speak to the medical nature of both GB surgery, and what happened to me. I did give her the name of my surgeon (who worked on my during my trauma; I'm not sure where my doctor who did GB surgery is now, as he moved on from the hospital where the surgery was performed) and the hospital where he is, but I'm going to decline putting that info here (at least for now), for privacy purposes.

Rough idea for scheduling is going to be sometime early January, as they are programmed until just after the New Year right now.


Here are my questions:

1. Who should be on this panel? (I did float an idea of adding someone to the panel that either works with ED patients, or someone who is recovering from anorexia or bulimia him/herself)


2. Where can I get reliable information on mental health as it relates to weight? (on any point of the spectrum)

3. Help me prepare counter-arguments! (Whether we do a GT mock debate or whatever, I actually think this would be really, really helpful)


4. What am I not thinking of? (I've already run this by my family and Captain Smithwell's family; they are all supportive of going ahead with this)

5. Where are my stuffed animals? Will someone please cover me in kittehs?

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