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Update: eehhhhhhh as I feared they were pretty much out of all swimwear of all kinds. I hate how that always happens! I mean, where I live, we have a solid 3.5 months left of swimming weather, I’d say. The good news is that since it’s goddamn scorching out today, the two block walk there made me too sweaty to try anything else on so I didn’t spend any money. Win? :(


I’m popping over to Trashy Diva to try to find a new swimsuit since mine no longer holds my boobs up. Bathing suit meltdown + everyone being off work (which I like to refer to as “amateur hour”) might make me murder someone! I’m hoping they have these in stock for me to try on:


Side note: does that seem like a weird position for a mannequin to stand in?

Side note 2: also send me vibes that I don’t spend $1000000000.

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