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Sending good thoughts

Who are you sending good thoughts to today? I’m not a hippie dippie person, but I do very much believe in the power of good thoughts, whether you call them vibes, or wishes, or prayers, and I believe putting them out into the universe is a good thing. Hopefully for the person you’re wishing well, but I believe it’s a good thing for us; focusing on thinking positive thoughts and wishing others well is part of what makes us good and healthy people.

So who are you sending good thoughts to today? My list for the morning goes

  • Good thoughts to the people of the mid east coast. I love you, I fear for you, and I worry for you, and I want this hurricane to be as short and harmless as possible. I am thinking about you a lot. My heart breaks already for you and your worry and stress.
  • Good thoughts for my sister, who is closing both on selling her house and buying a new one this week, hopefully. I have only bought a house and it was incredibly stressful, I cant imagine buying and selling at the same time and dealing with two sets of people and agents and doing it cross country.
  • Good thoughts to me, because hey, good thoughts to yourself are always good! And because I have employee reviews this morning, and 3 are very positive, and one is very non positive and I am not looking forward to it. We have had an employee with severe performance and attendance issues, who would have been fired already if she wasn’t also dealing with severe personal issues (death of a family member). She will be getting a “you have a month to improve plan” with the idea that her job will be on the line without marked improvement during that time.

Good thoughts from you? Put them out in the universe!

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