Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Senior Portrait Day Finally

So, it's my senior portrait day, and I did a test run yesterday to see how my hair and makeup would hold up. It went pretty well. But I'm up at 6, I'm hella tired, and I've had about 3 cups of coffee. I have to get to school at 8:30 (to get parking), and I have to start my prep in 30 minutes (it takes about an hour to do my hair, and I'm doing all the rest of my makeup at school). OF COURSE this is the week my face completely broke out, so I'm like "great, now I have to cover my face and my neck". I have bags under my eyes too! Why does the universe do this to me?

Also, thank you to everyone who helped me out! I'm taking all the advice, so I can actually look like a presentable and non-frazzled human being/college student. But I'm still springing for the airbrushing. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes. The addy hasn't kicked in yet, and neither has the coffee. At least CNN might wake me up!


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