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Sense and Sensibility adaptations

I'm reading Sense and Sensibility so I've been reading up on the book and the various adaptations (that's what I do when I get into something), and I just discovered that the 2008 BBC series was conceived with the idea of making people forget Ang Lee's version. That surprises me because I think the casting especially just repeats Lee's film - even physically the two Elinors, the two Mariannes, the two Mrs. Dashwoods and most prominently, the two Edwards, look very much alike. The methods of constructing meaning don't diverge much from the older film either, employing the same technique of creating a bond between Edward and the youngest sister, the same ways of limiting Elinor's emotional palette to constant restraint and Marianne's to overzealous hopefulness (when in the book there's a lot of nuance to both characters' personalities) and even replicating the last scene. I don't know who he was fooling.


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