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At the behest of various Facebook friends I have recently begun watching the Netflix Series sense8 (apologies if I’m late to the party). I’m somewhat riveted and yet I think I kind of hate it. Shall we discuss?

In general I have very high standards for any sort of sci-fi/paranormal storyline. Given that I am not normally a devotee of the genre the supernatural stuff really has to work in order for me to get into it. Give me Quantum Leap, give me Season 1 of Heroes...don’t give me the last couple seasons of Lost. Y’know?


Anyway, despite the odd telepathic premise I was willing to give it a chance. And much like HBO’s The Departed it has held my interest through the first several episodes if for no other reason than I’m waiting to figure what the hell is actually going on (suckered). But there are a few things about the show that I find incredibly stupid bordering on offensive, namely the fact that every single character seems hopelessly tied to tired stereotypes.

To wit:

  • of course the White guy cop is from Chicago...and of course his Dad was also a cop and of course he has a drinking problem
  • of course the Indian woman is struggling to escape an arranged marriage
  • of course the East Asian character is a secret martial arts master
  • of course the gays live in the Castro
  • of course the Mexicans are being terrorized by a member of a cartel
  • of course the young, pretty, White female is a manic pixie dream girl
  • of course the African character essentially lives in a mud hut and is always running down some raggedy dirt road, despite the fact that downtown Nairobi actually looks like this:

It’s hard to watch what’s going on on-screen when my eyes are always rolling to the back of my head. Like seriously, Wachowskis? You could imagine a world where 8 strangers from around the globe can teleport into each other’s lives in real time, but you couldn’t imagine an Asian woman doing anything other than being devalued by the men around her? You can’t imagine gay people who exist anywhere on the spectrum between in the closet and riding a motorcycle in the San Francisco Pride parade in full rainbow regalia?

That’s just lazy.

Also why the fuck can’t the Korean, Indian and Mexican actors speak their native languages? It worked perfectly well in Lost. All the English speakers sucked it up and read the subtitles and at the end of the day it gave the story a much more authentic feel. By contrast, what the everloving fuck is up with the Korean son’s bad Justin Bieber accent on this show? Dear God, he’s downright unwatchable! Frankly, as a Korean all the scenes in that story line are hella awkward. And why is the main character’s name “Sun”? Sun what? Sun-hee? Sun-hwa? Sun-mi? Koreans don’t have one syllable first names. Like none of them. How did they not bother to check that?


I may make it through the rest of the season, I may not. Unless something changes I will definitely not be tuning in for Season 2. Given the portrayals and the character development in OITNB I know Netflix can do better.

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