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Sense of disgust is ’95 percent accurate’ predictor of whether you’re liberal or conservative

As much as we talk about bleeding and pooping and otherwise TMI stuff on GT you KNOW we're a bunch of liberal bitches.

According to New Scientist, increasing evidence indicates that the sense of disgust is closely aligned with a person's political orientation. People who land on the conservative end of the spectrum have a more easily aroused sense of disgust than their liberal counterparts.

A team of scientists at Virginia Tech led by researcher Read Montague found that people who are more likely to sit on the right side of the political spectrum have a higher sensitivity to disgusting pictures like bodily waste, gore or the remains of dead animals.

These individuals also showed a greater preoccupation with ideas of bodily and spiritual purity and as a result tended to oppose things they view as unclean like same-sex marriage and abortion.


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