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Sentimental bullshit

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I am not a sentimental parent. Very few things will make my heart melt and cause me to lose all capability for logic. I didn't cry when my kids started school. I only remembered to take a picture because my mother texted me. I didn't save their coming-home outfits. I've saved all of two things that my son has made in school, and that's because I was amused by them. The girl is getting used to the fact that I will be tossing 99.9% of the stuff she brings home.


If I'm not someone who cares about milestones, why the hell was I getting sentimental over moving the kids over to an alarm clock?

I've been fighting it for years. I just get the kids up when I get up, so why would they need an alarm? My sleep schedule's been wonky lately, though, so I've been sleeping in past when I should have gotten them up. We had a week of rushed mornings and me yelling at them to MOVE MOVE MOVE. My husband brought up the alarm clocks thing again... and I caved.


We set them up last night, and I felt a little sad. I felt like I was bringing one of those things that we all hate into their lives, even though, really, they've had an alarm clock since they were babies. The only difference now was that it doesn't have a pulse. This morning, the kids got up on their own, turned off the alarms like they'd been doing this their whole lives, and got ready without my intervention.

Anyone else have weird parental moments like this?

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