Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Seoul and Tokyo Travel!

Hi GT! I am turning to the hivemind for recommendations for things to do in Seoul and Tokyo. My husband and I are going on an incredibly exciting trip to visit my sister in southern Japan (that part I have under control; she can recommend things there) and then spending two days in Tokyo, and then we have a few days in Seoul before a conference there.

We’ve done some googling, so we have a general idea of the major tourist things to do (and we’re not above doing touristy shit if it looks fun!), but I was wondering if anyone had any insight about really great stuff.


Also, my husband just left for Melbourne for a week (also for a conference), so if there are amazing things you love there for me to pass onto him, let me know. I am less invested in this because, you know...not me.

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