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Welcome To The Bitchery

Sephora and Lush product recs?

Tomorrow a friend and I are taking the multi-hour journey to the nearest town with fancy stores! The main destinations are Sephora and Lush. At Lush, I'm going to be looking primarily at hair stuff to ward off the effects of dry climate (e.g. the H'Suan Wen Hua treatment) and plus a few hunks of the Porridge soap (which I looooove). For makeup stuffs, I'm looking at lipstick (New Year's resolution: find a lipstick I can pull off!) and maybe the Naked palettes and other eye makeup. But I'm open to checking out anything and everything, since I rarely make it all the way down there, so I wanted to ask: what are your favorite things and what should I check out? For context, I have very fair skin (combination, which makes winter in a dry place a little tricky), blonde hair, and blue eyes.

Give me things to try! :)


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