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Sephora: Enabling Makeup Addicts Since Whenever Makeup Addiction Was A Thing

I am experiencing my very own lipstick effect. While I can't really afford many things, I've been really getting interested by the makeup scene. Not to say that I'd buy 50 dollar lipstick or 100 dollar face creams, but I'm suddenly very interested in spending more than a dollar on makeup things because I find that quality makeup and skincare is worth the money.As an example, I present my experiences with two kinds of tinted moisturizers. I recently spent around eight dollars on Maybelline's BB cream which many say is just like a luminating tinted moisturizer . It gets the job done, but it's a bit light for the first five hours and washes me out if I put on a second coat. I compare it to the Nars tinted moisturizer in Seychelles and it cannot compare. The Nars moisturizer is in a warmer tone, thus gives off more a golden glow than the white sparkle in the Maybelline cream.I was lucky enough to get a sample from a salesperson at Sephora and see for myself just how amazing that stuff was because that ish is around 50 dollars.

I find that while there are a lot of amazing products at Sephora that actually work, this "cheap" luxury can quickly turn the way of "expensive" luxury if you're not careful. However, like all good dealers do, Sephora does whatever it can to not just make you want it's products...it makes you need them.Take Sephora's The Glossy blog. It's part tumblr inspiration board, part makeup news site, part Sephora advertisement. These three features blend seamlessly and you don't realize that you had been marketed to until you see all the makeup in your wishlist.


But Sephora goes farther than that to get you wanting more and more. They have a "Beauty Board" which is pretty much Sephora's personal pinterest/instagram where people can post their best makeup looks and show what Sephora products they used to look that way. In a way, it's more powerful than the blog in getting you to contribute to consumer culture because it can confirm that a product or color you were thinking of trying would look good. By seeing so many people who look nice in the latest makeup trends and products, it emboldens you to try them as well.

On one hand, this helps those who are not sure what to do with the new blue eyeliner they bought or people who are bored with their makeup routine. On the other hand, makeup is still an industry, and it's not the end-all-be-all to the human experience. Sephora is a business no matter what they provide to help others. As someone interested in makeup and learning what would look good/fresh on my face, this is helpful. For someone facing self-image issues that makeup can't fix, Sephora isn't going to make a dent.

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