I think it went fairly well. I tried to be upbeat and friendly, and talked about how much I enjoyed coming to the store, etc. however, the manager was pretty honest with me about the fact that they don't like hiring students because of scheduling issues they've had in the past..."the needs of our business outweigh the needs of each individual, and we prefer people with wide open availability." Which I guess I can understand, but...I did put the fact that I'm a full time college student on my application, so....not really sure why they called me in? Anyway. If they did hire me, it would just be a seasonal position.

In other news, I met with a friend of mine who teaches at a local four year university for a cup of coffee this morning. I told him all about my situation, and what my goals are academically. I have been considering finishing my undergrad in gender studies or sociology, and then going on for a counseling master's. He basically suggested that maybe I ought to look into Ph.D programs in sociology or psychology instead, as I would still end up with a master's if I wanted to do counseling, BUT I could also do research or teach, maybe even internationally for the latter. It's just something I've never considered before, but the idea has had me feeling sort of excited all day. Dr. Natface. I have a long way to go before I'd be seriously considering it, but who knows? I'm still young(ish), I have no children and no plans for any anytime soon, I'm not married or in a serious relationship...hmm. Basically I think he was trying to drive home the point that even though recent circumstances have been shitty and I've been feeling really anxious about the future, the sky is still the limit, and I'm really not risking anything major since I'm young and not tied down right now.

He also suggested taking me out to lunch with the sociology department head from his school to discuss potential options. Eee!