Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

This last week, a friend and I went to LA (ok, technically Burbank), and stopped in Vegas on the way. While there, I totally took advantage of the chance to go shopping at Sephora. It turns out I'm far better at resisting buying perfume when online than when I am in the store. So, I ended up buying Spicebomb, Flowerbomb, and Black Orchid. Sure, it was more than I had planned on spending before walking into the store, but now I smell AWESOME all the time.

I also tried on about a billion lipsticks. I realized that while in theory, I like the idea of bright lipsticks, I just don't enjoy wearing them. I'll stick to bright colors on my nails and lip balm on my lips.


But, the highlight of the visit was getting to try the Color IQ scanner. It's a piece of fancy technology that they stick in various places on your face (I think on me they did jawline, forehead, and cheek), and it spits out your color and best foundation matches. I came out as a 3Y04. Personally I (and my blue veins) think I'm cooler than that; I've got some olive to my skin that probably affects the colors some. But, I did try two of the foundations it recommended and they were pretty good matches. So, after I run out of the current foundation I'm using, I might have to check out some more of the recommendations. If nothing else, the novelty value was fun.

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