Since no one I know in real life will talk about make up with me, I turn to you, GT.

Because I am a super crazy person, I went to the VIB/Rouge Only shopping event on Wednesday evening. I have never been to anything like it! There was a line at the door when I arrived. Once the event started, an employee came out and started checking us in. We were each given a nametag and a shopping basket. There was a table with cookies and sparkling grape juice. There were brand reps and employees everywhere to answer questions and do demos. The store actually got pretty crowded pretty quickly. (Then again, I was at the Mall of America location, so I'm not sure if it was quite this crazy everywhere).

Even though I have spent enough money at Sephora to be invited to this event, I didn't actually have too much money to spend, so I didn't go too crazy. I mean, I did at one point have 3 blush palettes in my basket, but I put them all back eventually. UGH. ADULTING.

Anyway, I got myself a NARS blush (Sin), the Bite Beauty high pigment lip pencil tin set, and the Clinique Black Honey gift set. I also had a small list of Christmas gifts to buy for myself and my sister on behalf of my mom. My sister is getting a Dior eyeshadow palette, a NARS lipstick, and the Naked2 Basics palette from Urban Decay. I'm getting a Clairsonic (I got a gift set that comes with some deluxe skincare samples). I have never spent so much money (even though most of it wasn't even my money) or gotten such a giant bag to take home from Sephora. Seeing how much the price decreased after they applied that discount was a beautiful thing though.

Did anyone else go to one of these parties? Did you buy anything fun during the sale? Share your purchases!