Apparently SEPTA regional rail engineers are striking, but I can't find what their demands are anywhere, or why they're striking. All I can find are vague references to a "multi-year labor dispute." If anyone could fill me in I would be greatly appreciative!

In any case, SEPTA is so bad, particularly regional rail. Trains will just not show up. Stations frequently have no cover, and only the largest stations (in center city) are actually indoors, which, when coupled with freezing temperatures during winter and chronically late trains, and very few announcement systems, can get dangerous.

Not to mention regional rail is expensive. It's cheaper if you get your ticket off the train or buy in bulk, of course, but a) many people don't have the money to make the initial investment to buy in bulk and b) the ticket offices close at 5, as most people are getting off of work, so when are commuters supposed to buy tickets if they aren't traveling to one of the major stations? Not to mention that the ticket window at my stop has been closed for at least a month.