So maybe it's my middle-of-the-night stomach flu talking, but I've been watching way too many True Crime shows on Netflix and have developed a really weird theory. A really weird theory that would definitely rile up the MRAs, but they're probably not here at 6 am so here goes. This is it: if I were going to be murdered by a random crazy person, I would much rather it be a woman than a man. It's very strange that I would have such a strong gut preference about this!! Maybe because serial killers are a eternal deep dark fear of mine, and in my head I've only ever considered male ones. Maybe because on some level I'm afraid of being raped as well as killed. Or maybe because women, even ones about to kill me, are way less scary than men. Am I crazy? Or would y'all rather be murdered by a lady, too? And what does this say about me/us/the sad state of humanity??