Episode 3: Leakin Park

Here's the episode:


In this episode the team delves deep into the man who found Hae Min Lee's body. His story lines up, but not quite. How did he notice a buried body that was so hard to find that the surveyor couldn't even see it? He had a very loose connection to the girl, his step sister was her math teacher, but this could be chalked up to coincidence. His story of how he found her mostly checks out, aside from the log placement in the woods. He's a man with a criminal past and a known day drinker, but that doesn't make him suspect #1


And what of the pieces of evidence that were never tested? Any experts in the house that can weigh in about DNA testing objects from a 20 year old case?

Here's the blog that mentions the reputation this park has for basically being a murder dumping ground: http://chamspage.blogspot.com/2010/11/bodies…


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