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Episode 5: Route Talk *Bumped for new listeners!*

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*Spoilers ahead*

In this episode we track the cell phone towers as investigated by the state and try to match it up with Jay's story. There are puzzling questions all around.

Was there a phone booth at Best Buy?

Who was in possession of the cell phone when the tower tracked it to Leakin Park?


What happened to Jay's whole story about standing on the cliffs at Patapsco State Park?

How did the prosecution draw their conclusion about the first phone call when it wasn't mentioned by any witnesses?


There's one thing we know for sure, there's a shrimp sale at the Crab Crib!

One more thing I want to note: in this interview on WNYC, Ira and Sarah talk about why the story comes out the way it does. It's an investigation in progress, and part of what they hope is that more witnesses come out of the woodwork as the details come out. With today's inclusion of Will, it seems to be working.



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