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Episode 6: The Case Against Adnan Syed (Bumped for late listeners!)


***Spoilers Ahead****

This week we hear more from the friend whose house Jay and Adnan went to in the timeline that was brought up in last week's episode. Kathy paints this very vivid picture of a strange time hosting her unexpected guests. Adnan was extremely stoned, Jay was acting conspicuously chatty.

Who was the unaccounted for caller? Was Adnan muttering to someone warning him about a call from the police? Kathy seems very sure of this happening. Adnan was high, did he forget about some of this happening? Jen also talks about calling and looking for Jay, and getting a very short response from who she assumed was Adnan answering the phone.

We also hear more about Nisha's phone call from Adnan and Jay. Did it happen at Leakin Park or did it happen at the video store? Could it have been a 2 minute butt dial, even if she doesn't have an answering machine or voicemail?


Going back to last week's episode, here is a detailed blog post about the call log and the 3:15 call.


Adnan is getting increasingly hostile and is really hung up on proving his points. But he's right, it's better to look like an innocent jerk than a friendly criminal.

Does everyone have a secret dark side, capable of taking someone's life?

This week's tip: use syrup for your barbecue sauce if you run out of molasses.

BONUS: Slate has compiled all of the reading material that should help you take a closer look at the case, including the subreddit and Rabia's blog. You can check it all out here:


Second Bonus: A video discussion about the show with Rabia Choudry, recorded shortly after this week's release. (It's almost an hour long)

And here's Buzzfeed's interview with Sarah, in case you needed more to read about Serial.

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