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Episode 7: The Opposite of the Prosecution (BUMPED FOR LATER LISTENERS!)


Parody Image via Funny or Die

*Spoilers Ahead*

This week's episode is big. Big, big, big. This week Sarah brings the case to Dierdre Enright, director of the University of Virginia School of Law's Innocence Project. Dierdre pokes at things that don't make sense in the case (like why Don's alibi is considered iron clad), and she remarks that the case is very, very thin. And she finally brings up the issue of racial profiling!

Dierdre suggests that one of her teams take on Adnan's case. The head of this team is one of her top students with a healthy dose of skepticism. And all of the students who read the case don't believe he was guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. The forensics case is extremely flimsy and many things went completely untested.

The Innocence Project research will not change the narrative of Sarah's story, but it's going to be run independently.


Here is the case that Dierdre and her team overturned that mirror's Adnan's case and brought Sarah to the Innocence Project: http://www.justinwolfe.org/

It smells like laundry and ink.

It's also been an excellent week for fan based parodies and speculation. Rabia Chaudry herself is just waiting for the Daily Show or SNL to jump on the bandwagon.


Listen to the "lost episodes" below (they totally nail the MailChimp ads).

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