How do you guys decide when and how to disagree with other commentors? I know a lot of you (and this is not meant to sound critical in the least) make arguments and state your opinions with impunity regardless of whether it could change your relationship with a poster, start an argument, or hurt someone's feelings. I have a really hard time doing that, to the point where if someone makes a comment that I REALLY disagree with I just let it go because I don't want to start shit and get in a fight over what is, in essence, nothing. Basically I'm having a hard time deciding what's worth arguing* and what really just isn't. How do you guys decide?

I should also let it be known that I am wearing bright red shiny leggings, a Team USA shirts, red white and blue high-tops, and my hair is teased to high heavens. I'm about to do my nails. This is what I will look like when reading your responses.

*I have nothing specific in mind here and no beef with anyone. Well, I do with PollyJenna because she is such a raging bitch and believes in chemtrails**, but other than that no one.

**Kidding, obvs.