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Serious parental advice..

..that I learned the hard way. I am not a parent, but have been entrusted with many peoples children.

I posted an hour ago about nephew hi jinx. The Moto~Cross accident was made 100 times worse because me & my other sister were not his parents and he was a minor. His fibula was shattered inside a knee high motorcycle boot. From the knee down, his leg was going in a direction it is not supposed to go, and his leg inside the boot was broke bad. When the hospital staff learned neither of us was his Mother, they would not even give him a dose of Advil, never mind the opiates, which he needed.

We had to fax documents back and forth with my sister & her husband giving us the power to make medical decisions. That Baby Jackass suffered for almost 2 hours before they gave him Morphine.


He never cried. He punched the bed yelling, "FUCK. FUCK." We were beside ourselves. Lesson learned the hard way. His father drove all night and arrived an hour after surgery.

ADVICE: Sign and keep a document that gives your child's caretaker the POWER TO MAKE MEDICAL DECISIONS TEMPORARILY before you go more than 2 hours away for an overnight, or a vacation without your kids.

This post will 'splode after a while, but it's important info.

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