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So I just got done driving home, and a few blocks away from my apartment, I almost ran into a Muslim woman praying in the street. This was about 10:00pm, so obviously it was pitch dark out, and she was in the street, behind a parked car at the end of the block. I turned around the corner and nearly hit her. She had two friends with her (who were also Muslim, from their hijabs) who were standing and talking on the sidewalk next to her.

Two weeks ago, I almost hit a Muslim man who was also praying in the street. This time it was in the afternoon, but he was actually in the only lane of traffic going my direction on a two-way street. Like, there was a row of cars parked on the curb and he was in the lane beyond that.

In the past, I’ve lived in a 99% Muslim country and a country with a large Muslim minority, plus I’ve visited 5 or 6 other Muslim countries. I’ve never seen anyone praying in the middle of a street with active traffic. I live in a major American city. I’m seriously worried that I will hit someone. This cannot be safe. It’s not an activity that should be done in the street. Am I missing something? Is there something I can do to alleviate the dangers for drivers and the people who are kneeling in the middle of the street?

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