How cute is my room? Seriously though?

Picture time!


Not to brag or anything.. But.. I put that lamp up today, by myself. I’ve never done such a thing before! And those curtain rails? All me! I did that! With my own two hands!

That dresser, know who put it together? Correct. Yours truly. In a dress no less! I’m feeling pretty badass about myself at the moment and I wanted to share that with my dear GT friends! What did you do this week that make you feel proud?

ps. Yes I had to go back to the store 5 times because I forgot stuff or stuff didn’t work. The only person with a solid piece of advice ended up being the only lady working in the story. Thanks lady, you rock!


pps. I wish my camera didn’t suck.. Also I’m stil waiting for this thing to arrive :

ppps. The rest of the house hasn’t been fixed up yet, I want to buy this sofa :


and/or this lamp for the living room :

but I’m outta money for now! Why is there a sale on stuff I want when I have no moniez? :(