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Serious tea drinkers — help!

I’ve had to cut out coffee because of stomach issues, so I’m trying to figure out how get the right equipment and start buying and brewing good tea, hopefully without spending a fortune.

After doing some research (i.e., searching Lifehacker), I think I’ve settled on ForLife Stump teapot/infuser (good size, good price, pretty, and Lifehacker’s second-favorite choice).


But but but. What about the kettle? Electric or stovetop? If I don’t want to spend the $80+ to get a kettle with temperature control (and I don’t), how much of a pain is it to make sure the water is the right temp? Will I have to use a thermometer every time I make tea, or is it possible to eyeball?

Also, do you have favorites for high-quality, non-bank-breaking loose tea? I’m mostly doing green right now, but I need to find good black tea as well, for caffeine purposes.

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