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My fellow Slytherins as much as it breaks my heart I am considering leave House Slytherin. I have been a loyal Slytherin for many years now. When pottermore sorted me into Slytherin it all came together. My affinity for the Bellatrix Lestrange asthetic, the geniune laughter at some of Voldemort’s dialogue,and the tediousness of the bestest friends ever friended ever. We were misunderstood, we were complicated.

But now I have to face an ugly truth. While Donald Trump is definitely a Gryffindor (come at me bro), he is surrounded by racist Slytherins. I am ashamed and thinking it may be time to change houses. While Gryffindor is the yin to our yang, I’m not entirely sure I could ever truly bear the neverending smugness. Hufflepuff would be like entering a foreign country make of gumdrops. Like seriously they accept anybody, like no standards just non judgemental friendship. It’s bizarre, there is no snark in Hufflepuff what would we even say to each other? The only acceptable house is Ravenclaw. So what do you think muggle accepting Slytherins, should we join Ravenclaw?

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