Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

My mom just got up and I asked her about it. She was the culprit! She said she came in to shut the bedside light off because I had fallen asleep with it on. Her sneakiness totally backfired because she scared me and woke me up so I turned it back on. That's sorta funny. I asked her not to come in while I'm sleeping and she said that next time she'll knock and wake me up (which I'm ok with.) Sigh. Back to sleep for me. Thanks for talking me through being really freaked out, guys. It helped a lot.

So I was awoken some 10 minutes ago to someone leaving my bedroom. I know this happened because it woke me up. Definitely not a dream, and I'm not on anything that would make me hallucinate. It could be either my mom or my stepdad, but either way, it's got me super shaken and feeling unsafe. I am so tired and I can't allow myself to fall back to sleep. I'm super freaked out.


Is there ever a context in which this is ok? I think I may need to move the fuck out of here because I no longer feel safe.

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