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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Missed my bus to work and am waiting for the next bus and I see a woman with a clipboard doing some sort of clipboardy thing. I have headphones on so I think she'll probably leave me alone.



Woman with clipboard: Are you a registered voter?

Zap (SMILING): I'm sorry. I'm not interested.

WWC: Do you even know what you are not interested in?

Zap (NOT SMILING): Pardon? I'm sorry. I'm just not interested.

The woman with the clipboard walks away and shouts, "It's about raising minimum wage!" and throws up her hands exasperatedly.


I'm sorry. You're frustrated? Did I approach you on the street? Did you really think being a jerk when I politely told you that I wasn't interested would make me more interested? Please fuck off.

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