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We are living in Trump’s America for Real Y’all.

So last night I was working my shift at the coffee house. Susan as usual had not done her mid shift barista work and left it for me to do. Only She really didn’t give a fuck cause she left more than normal, even though she said it wasn’t busy.

When I asked her if she could, you know, do her job. She legit just looked at me and walked away. So I was relatively busy all night. There were still people in the shop and ordering stuff at close.


And then earlier this motherfucker, let his daughter completely wreck the shop. Like she got sugar packets from every table ripped them up and poured them on the floor. Then she dumped a whole shaker of salt on the table and the floor.

So I essentially had three times the work to do than usual and had to do it by myself.

This morning I get a text from my boss asking why it took so long for me to close. I explained.

He said that he came i this morning and wiped down some tables therefore it shouldn’t have taken me that long to close.


Only in Trump’s America do you work hard and do your best at a job and try to be considerate to the person coming after you and then get penalized for it. 

Fuck this place, I’m putting in my two weeks.

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