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... seriously?

It seems that the MRA's are growing bolder. Apparently a certain MRA group designed and is putting up pro-men's rights/anti-feminism posters around Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Even just looking at that poster makes me feel gross and unsafe. Not quite as unsafe as the Don't Be That Girl posters that a different MRA group put up around Edmonton, Alberta, just over a week ago, but they sure don't make me feel like I'd be safe if I were walking around.

I'm really hoping that this and everything else is the last gasping breath of misogynists trying to keep society on their level so they can be misogynistic and not be judged/called out for it. MRA's are bad enough on the internet, I really don't want to deal with their crap in person.

Also, does that one coin say misandry on it? As in misandry is the same as chivalry?

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