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You decide to cull endangered shark species, and shit on your own doorstep, I'm working my arse off to get residency here. Seriously... why?! (YES I NEED TO VENT)

On the bright side, I'll be diving in Western Australia soon, near some drum lines. Totally co-incidentally by the way...

Yes I'm a bit tipsy, yes I'm angry. Yes, I just maxed out my credit card on a flight (while sober)... Screw it, sometimes you have to stand up and be counted.*


I've always maintained I'm a conservationist and not a a treehugger. I may have crossed that line...

* In the case of any legal issues and my IRL identity is cross-linked to here, my purpose is purely to travel to Perth and wave a placard.

** Sorry for the totally inane rant.

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