Not "Californication," the late-period Red Hot Chili Peppers hit โ€” that's pretty solidly "okay."

But the show with David Duchovny โ€” I've seen it floating around on Netflix streaming, and I new it had boobs although the AV Club gave it a bad review. But I was bored (should have been doing work) and thought I'd give it a try.

God that was awful. The protagonist is the poster child for rich, white, entitled, selfish, sexist, self-pitying, self-obsessed crybaby mantoddlers everywhere. Seriously, this show made me ashamed of being born with a Y chromosome. And I really shouldn't have stayed up late, because I have to get some recall work done and I need to get to the dealer early early, and then I need to actually work on stuff and things, not just goof around on Gawker.

Just needed to vent.