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Seriously Considering To Go To Bed

It’s not even 5 pm and I just want to pull the covers over my face.

I had a quiz today. In all honesty, I’m not doing as great as I’d hoped to be doing in class. I’m working on it, but I’ve been super lethargic lately-not an excuse, I know. Anyways, it was open note, which was nice. And I had good notes. Sadly, it’s all fill in the bubble stuff. I did my best, but I’m still anxious. Hell, I was anxious all throughout the quiz. I’m always anxious when it comes to stuff like that.

My old money spending habits are half-back too. Like, I don’t even think anymore. It’s robotic. Plus I’m eating so many sweets/food I shouldn’t be eating, and dance has been canceled due to many a force majeure. I’m looking forward to my doctor appointment tomorrow. Yeah.


I’m wiped out. I just want to fall into bed. It’s still light out, and I know if I go to bed now I’ll be up at, like, 3 am.

And the cycle continues.

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