I had the iPhone 4 for 2 years and I LOVED it. Absolutely adored that phone. After 2 years, my lock button broke (it collapsed in) and my warranty was up, so I would have had to shell out like $200 to fix it. At that point, I was due for an upgrade anyway, so I got a Galaxy s3. I've had it for about a year now.

It's ok. I have a different ROM on it (as opposed to the stock) and it's nice. But the battery life is shit. It dies within a few hours without me even using it. It's a tad buggy. It was like this even before I switched ROMs. The screen is big, yes. But that's the only thing I love. Other than that, I'm meh about it. It's impossible for me to organize my music on it. My 4G turns off whenever it feels like it. This new ROM is better than the last one, as the last one kept freezing on me. S Voice doesn't work. It's just...eh.

So now I see the "new" iPhones and I kinda really want to switch back. I miss iTunes. I miss Apple being hella helpful. I miss jailbreaks. I miss having a phone that didn't die in 4 hours. The only thing I'll feel like I'm downgrading on is the screen size (I really do enjoy the size of the s3's screen). I miss the simplicity of iOS, even though I'm pretty good with Android's OS (I'm still running Ice Cream Sandwich, I believe). The root on my phone makes it so that I can't update to Jelly Bean. I miss being able to bypass that and update.


The 5c is cute, but dat gold 5s *drools*

I have the $100-$200 to shell out for a new phone. I just almost feel silly switching after a year. Is that silly? I feel like it's fairly common.