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Seriously Do They NOT Teach The Young How Elevators Work?

I swear I have the worst experiences with folks and elevators.

I will keep it simple. Today I was getting off an elevator. As the door opened three high school students (they looked like high school age) so I was starting to step out. What did they do? Step in at the exact same time. Forcing me to leave sideways.

Simple rule: Would you eat while pooping? No I bet you would not. Then apply this to the elevator. People get off and clear the door then you step in. Use poop rule for people leaving.


Nothing annoys me more then bad elevator behavior. Its so freaking easy folks plus it avoids bodies hitting each other. Wait for folks to evacuate and clear the elevator doors then step in.

Yes if you are a teacher you may steal my poop and elevator analogy. It may sink into your student’s minds.

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