This is the fourth or fifth day in a row I've woken up with a migraine. Goddamn it fucks up the day. I took some Tylenol 3 when it was still early enough to be sleeping, in the hope I would sleep it off, but nope. I just took a sumatriptan injection, which may or may not do it, but now that I've taken it, I can't take any other triptans for 24 hours. Well, I can take another injection in a couple of hours, but that's it. FML.

Husband had to leave for court super early and could not walk the dogs, so I just did. So they are good for a while - they "did everything" as we like to put it. I'm going to lay back down and see if I can go back to sleep. Migraines SUCK.

This concludes my morning whine.