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Can I just say fuck Missouri?

After the whole Planned Parenthood “controversy” Missouri’s Senates “Sanity of Life” committee of formed because MO hates women and thinks everything they see on the internet is true.

Now for those that don’t know, Missouri is a pretty sucky place for choice. Not only do we have only one clinic in the state, we also have a 72-hour waiting period so we can think about what slutty-sluts we are. Abortions cannot be covered by insurance unless through a rider policy, and not at all if purchased through ACA. So you would think MO would just quit why they were ahead.



The Planned Parenthood in Columbia, MO is in the works to start doing abortions again. Like many states, the clinic must partner with a hospital in case of emergencies. Well during the latest Sanity of Life committee meeting, committee members are trying to bully state workers into giving up the name of the hospital which is currently sealed. They are even threatening jail time. They are saying Planned Parenthood is lying about having a contract, when this is obviously a blatant attempt to bully the hospital with the contract. I am 100% certain if the name is released early, the hospital will back out.

I am terrified about this. I had a pregnancy scare not too long ago and really looked into what it would take to get an abortion. St Louis is a full days trip. The cost of gas there and back is easily $50. Now to have to do that twice while not getting paid for 2 days of work AND pay for an abortion would be close to impossible to pull off.

So yeah, fuck Missouri.

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