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Welcome To The Bitchery

So, today I found out that the marketing department where I work has implemented a whole bunch of policies with questionable business merit that will make my life, and the lives of everyone who works with me very very difficult (the what and how would be too complicated to explain, let's just say it will affect how much money I'm able to earn). Sigh.

No matter where I've worked, it always seems like the marketing department never has any clue as to what's happening on the ground. It feels like they're working from formulas they were taught in business school that take into account broad concepts like: demographics, foot traffic, visibility, etc but that they were never taught how to make and implement a practical plan that doesn't cause hardship for the people who have to actually do they work.

It's very frustrating, because they implimented a bunch of terrible policies last year that failed spectacularly, we all complained, they promised to be more reasonable this year, but instead they've doubled down with even more arduous new policies...


So fellow Groupthinkers, what are your marketing department stories? Anybody else have to deal with terrible plans by idiots? Anybody ever work for a company with a marketing department that really hat its shit together?

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