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Welcome To The Bitchery

A couple of months ago my iPhone randomly fried when I plugged it in and after some haggling I ended up with a newer model as a replacement (had to commit to a new contract and buy my old phone out but it was less in the end than a repair would have been). Anyway, a few hours ago I had it in my back pocket and forgot it was there and went to the bathroom. I heard a plunk, and immediately reached around and grabbed my phone from the toilet. It went completely underwater but was only there for a second. I stripped the case off and took a hairdryer (on cool) to it for about half an hour until my mother in law got home and could tell me where the hell she was hiding her rice. I tried powering it down, and it just kept turning on again, so I put it in rice and left it alone). A couple hours later I took it out and noticed the LED light was on, so I went to the flashlight app to see if I could flip it off that way, and my whole fucking phone just died. Won't turn on now. When it is plugged into my USB port it will give me the apple logo at power on, but then just goes black, then back to the logo, and black again. The LED light is off though, so success? Ugh. Seriously, I hate my fucking life right now. Why am I have the WORST luck with my phone?

Has anyone's phone survived a toilet bath? Someone give me some hope here. I really don't want to go out and buy another one. I can afford to with the funds I have been hoarding from sales from my Etsy shop, but I don't want to blow all of it on my own stupid stupidity. :(


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